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Wednesday 02 November 2016

Elmdon - Western Apron Visitors

CS-PHG E55P (NJE6KY)-n/s-d09:47
D-CCAS SH36 BDA (EXT115)-n/s-d22:52
D-CEXP LJ35 (AYY110)-a20:40-to hangar
D-CFOR LJ35 (AYY117)-a17:23 to hangar
D-CPSW SW4 (BID3P)-a20:42-n/s
D-CRAS SH36 BDA (EXT112/111)-a06:17-d12:00-a22:25
D-EKEU PA46-a09:51-d13:49
EC-GPS SW4 (FTL8872)-a21:30-n/s
F-GRET C510-n/s
G-EMHE A109 (Costock)-21.22-21.45
G-FBKH C510-n/s  r/r ex (F-HOUR) **1st visit**
G-FFFC C510-n/s
G-RAJJ B462 Cello-n/s
HA-TVJ SF34 Fleet Air (FRF400)-n/s-d
HB-ALM AT72 Zimex (IMX358/9)-n/s-d13:08-a22:41-n/s
LZ-ABR AN26 (REM621)-a22:15-n/s
M-HNDA HDJT-hangared
M-IRNE H25B-hangared
N903FD B752 FedEx (FDX5203/4)-a06:04-d06:56-a21:37-d22:25
T7-GQM GLEX-parked all day

MAEL Hangar

Nothing of interest


Emirates (2)

A6-EBP B77W EK37 (UAE37) EK38 (UAE38) Dubai
A6-EOQ A388 EK39 (UAE39) EK40 (UAE40) Dubai 

Qatar (1)

A7-BDC B788 QR35 (QTR35) QR36 (QTR36) Doha

Eurowings (4)

D-AIZT A32A (EWG6YW) EW1331 (EWG1331) Dusseldorf
D-AEWI A32A EW1334 (GWI1334) 4U1335 (GWI3A) Dusseldorf
D-AEWI A32A  EW1338 (EWG1338) EW1339 (EWG1339) Dusseldorf
D-ACNX CRJ9 EW4332 (EWG4332) EW4333 (EW8F) Hamburg

Lufthansa (9)

D-AIBH A319 LH952 (DLH952) LH953 (DLH8LX) Frankfurt
D-AILM A319 LH954 (DLH4RL) LH955 (DLH9FM) Frankfurt
D-AIZZ A32A LH956 (DLH956) LH957 (DLH957) Frankfurt
D-AIQU A320 LH958 (DLH4PH) Frankfurt-n/s to Thursday
D-AIUA A32A LH959 (DLH5AC) Frankfurt-n/s from Tuesday
D-AIBE A319 LH2508 (DLH3VX) LH2509 (DLH3LX) Munich
D-AILP A319 LH2510 (DLH2XM) LH2511 (DLH1YA) Munich
D-AILC A319 LH2512 (DLH6NL) Munich-n/s to Thursday
D-AILD A319 A320 LH2513 (DLH6KV)  Munich-n/s from Tuesday

Small Planet

D-ASPG A320 (LLX3251) (LLX3252)   **1st visit**

Aer Lingus / Stobart (8)

EI-DEF A320 EI262 (EIN262) EI263 (EIN26M) Dublin
EI-EZV  A320 EI272 (EIN27A) EI273 (EIN27Y) Dublin
EI-EZV A320 EI276 (EIN26E) EI277 (EIN27R) Dublin
EI-FAS AT76 EI3264 (STK264B) EI3265 (STK265B) Dublin
EI-FCZ AT76 EI3638 (STK38SN) EI3639 (STK39SN) Shannon
EI-FCZ AT76 EI3700 (STK37BH) EI3701 (STK01BH) Cork
EI-FCZ AT76 EI3708 (STK08BH) EI3709 (STK09BH) Cork
EI-REL AT72 BE193 (BEE3AY) BE194 (BEE9LU) Isle of Man (ops for Flybe)

Ryanair (15)

EI-EBV B73H FR662 (RYR87CJ) FR663 (RYR468K) Dublin 
EI-EKM B73H FR664 (RYR69YB) FR665 (RYR15ZA) Dublin
EI-FOP B73H FR666 (RYR27WD) FR667 (RYR10QXDublin
EI-FOP B73H FR668 (RYR668) FR669 (RYR36TY) Dublin
EI-DAC B73H FR670 (RYR67GFR671 (RYR751D) Dublin
EI-FRD B73H FR672 (RYR19NW) FR673 (RYR673) Dublin
EI-FOP B73H FR749 (RYR89FL) FR748 (RYR748) Gdansk
EI-EKE B73H FR1448 (RYR1449) FR1449 (RYR658L) Arrecife
EI-EKE B73H FR1466 (RYR1466) FR1465 (RYR57QY) Krakow 
EI-EMN B73H FR2082 (RYR27QF) FR2083 (RYR72GY) Madrid
EI-DPX B73H  FR2150 (RYR215W) FR2151 (RYR400F)  Alicante
EI-FRE B73H FR2153 (RYR13RE) FR2152 (RYR279M Alicante
EI-DPX B73H FR2155 (RYR39XG) FR2154 (RYR70LL) Murcia
EI-EVE B73H FR2157 (RYR12VZ) FR2156 (RYR56XQ) Malaga
EI-FOO B73H FR2163 (RYR76PU) FR2162 (RYR44CY) Palma
EI-ENE B73H FR2267 (RYR218B) FR2266 (RYR948B) Malaga
EI-EKI B73H FR3712 (RYR62HJ) FR3711 (RYR77PW) Faro
EI-EVE B73H FR3901(RYR75MM) FR3902 (RYR459L) Malta
EI-FRI B73H FR4508 (RYR4508) FR4509 (RYR4509) Warsaw Modlin
EI-DHF B73H FR9162 (RYR45ZQ) FR9163 (RYR81AC) Barcelona

Norwegian A/L (1)

EI-FJR B73H D86406 (IBK6406) D86407 (IBK6407) Tenerife

Air France (3)

F-GKXY A320 AF1064 (AFR064L) AF1065 (AFR065M) Paris CDG
F-GRHT A319 AF1164 (AFR1164) AF1165 (AFR165Z) Paris CDG
F-GRHH A319 AF1564 (AFR1564) AF1565 (AFR565T) Paris CDG

Air Tanker (1)

G-VYGM A332-parked all day

Easyjet (3)

G-EZGE A319 U2191 (EZY97JV) U2194 (EZY38CT) Belfast Int
G-EZIO A319 U2195 (EZY47NE) U2196 (EZY74UJ) Belfast Int
G-EZIO A319 U2193 (EZY47LT) U2194 (EZY51LH)  Belfast Int

Swiss / Helvetic (2)

HB-IXP RJ1H LX420 (SWR42R) LX421 (SWR47Z) Zurich
HB-JVC F100 LX424 (SWR41H) LX425 (SWR425) Zurich

American Airlines (1)

N188AN B75W AA131 (AAL131) New York JFK outbound

Brussels Airlines (4)

OO-DWA RJ1H SN2037 (BEL1SB) SN2038 (BEL69C) Brussels 
non ops DH8D SN2045 (BEL3KY) SN2046 (BEL) Brussels
G-FLBB DH8D SN2047 (BEL7EK) SN2048 (BEL76Y) Brussels
OO-DWA RJ1H SN2049 (BEL9RL) Brussels n/s to Thursday
OO-DWB RJ1H SN2050 (BEL11Y) Brussels-n/s from Tuesday

SAS (2)

OY-KAO A320 SK2533 (SAS2533) SK2534 (SAS2534) Copenhagen
OY-KAO A320 SK2535 (SAS2535) SK2536 (SAS2536) Copenhagen

KLM (5)

PH-BGH B737 KL1420 (KLM90J) Amsterdam n/s from Tuesday
PH-BXO B739 KL1421 (KLM83F) KL1422 (KLM84F) Amsterdam SkyTeam col's
PH-EZO E190 KL1425 (KLM1425) KL1426 (KLM1426) Amsterdam
PH-BCD B738 KL1431 (KLM79F) KL1432 (KLM80L) Amsterdam
PH-BXH B738 KL1435 (KLM77M) Amsterdam n/s to Thursday

Turkish (2)

TC-JVP B73H TK1967 (THY3UV) TK1968 (THY2XZ) Istanbul  
TC-JZG B73H TK1969 (THY6TH) TK1970 (THY1GX) Istanbul

Air India (1)

VT-ANE B788 AI113 (AIC113) AI114 (AIC114) Amritsar/New Delhi


G-OPMJ C172 survey work to the north of the airfield @ 10:50
YL-LCL A320 Smart Lynx (TCX458F)-d11:35 after lease

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